What is Grease Trap?

Grease traps are typically found in commercial locations that cook large amounts of food, such as restaurants, hospitals, schools, canteens and institutions. They come in many assorted sizes and designs, from a few gallon boxes under the sink to 2,000 or more gallons which are usually outside the building. AG PREMIER MULTISERVICES SDN BHD can supply and install grease traps and offer a comprehensive cleaning programme to ensure it's working efficiency.


How It Works?

Grease traps are designed to work in the same manner as a sewer treatment plant (STP). In order to be successful, they have to achieve SEPARATION and RETENTION TIME. A grease trap must be able to store the water flow long enough for the grease to separate from the water.

The grease floats to the surface while the water flows under the grease layer and out to the sewer system. Theoretically, this is accomplished by using a well designed grease trap of the proper size. Since grease has a specific gravity of less than one, it will float if given enough time and must be removed regularly either with pumps or by hand.

grease trap


Maintenance! Maintenance! Maintenance!
  • Preventive maintenance on equiptment including container, timer, and enzhyme outlet.
  • Cleaning all solid accumulation and O&G accumulation including cointainer, air relief, inlet and outlet.
  • Enzhyme refilling cycle.
  • Checks water sampling .

Pump, wet vacum, gloves, mask and cleaning container.

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